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Friday, March 17, 2006


Shroud of Turin

What do science and scientists have to do with the Shroud of Turin, an old piece of cloth which folklore describes as being the very linen that wrapped the body of Jesus as it laid in the tomb over 2000 years ago?

This article shows the extent to which some scientists will ignore scientific evidence to ensure that scripture is not historically accurate, and that all physical phenomena can be explained by natural, not supernatural, causes.

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John 20:7 mentions the napkin which was arond the head of Jesus lying by itself apart from the other graveclothes. I understand this to mean all of His head, which would include the face. If this is so, the the shroud of Turin could not be the burial cloth of Christ.

The Bible is the authority on this type of subject.
Hi, I have read an article you wrote, Q&A and was intrigued by its common sense beliefs.

I am no writer or intellectual individual beyond average IQ levels, I am dyslexic and find it hard to explain in detail what I am trying to say, however with all all that in mind I have many views and beliefs to do with all aspects, theories and arguments in the world. Whether they are fair or just only others can really decide.

Could you perhaps have a read of this and tell me if this opinion is a bit misguided at all? Of course maybe I should read up on more facts and get opinions from both sides, yet this is what I have written before I do any of that:

I hope not to offend, but I just felt like speaking ma thoughts at the time

Evolution is just another word for a permanent adaption.

If you go to a cold place and stay there, your hairs may adapt and grow, your skin may adapt and harden and your body may adapt and become more used to cold temperatures. All this Of course over a long period of time.

If you breed with others and remain in a habitat that is constantly changing (humans adapt well to certain changes) then say after a hundred thousand years I can guarantee that those existing at that later time will have significant differences to yourselves.

One reason people do not believe that evolution could be possible, a simple theory (the evolution of 1 small organism to produce many) is because the human mind is trained to think that the smaller the thing is, the less significant it may be. Through a microscope a cell may look dull however if we were to make that cell the size of our Earth, i assume that there will be plenty of detail and other visible and strange depths to that enlarged cell.

Take the universe, Earth is a spec on the universe, for all we know, humanoids could be a planetary virus that spread and create destruction. We will eventually move onto other planets, such as a virus moves onto another host (the evolution of knowledge and ability to adapt to change).

I do not disprove God, in my opinion, if someone has something that gives them faith (as long as it doesn't hurt others) then it is worth believing in, no matter what.

I can see a bigger and also very simple side to arguments and facts of life, I tend to look past complications and look straight for the (at first) simple answer. Religion has many faces and many variations, which is the right one? Why is there supposedly (in some views) only one God? Respect other peoples beliefs. As much as a mockery this may seem at first: Jedi will become a legit religion in hundreds of years to come (maybe less). It will, they will believe in one or more powerful entities, in some cases where an idea is so strong there is such a following that what starts off as an interesting story or again positive idea can spread and become something more than fiction, over time it can consume the minds of new generations until people start believing in them, after many hundreds of years, or thousands a following so strong will have arisen that it will be recognized as a faith. (Power through belief)

Characters who do amazing things in their day are over time slowly exaggerated and moulded into more more than they were, such as 'Chinese whispers' can turn one word into another or into many, 'time' can turn one person into something else, someone more iconic/powerful. A hero's story is passed down, the hero becomes a part of history, the history becomes part of legend, the legend becomes part of myth, the myth becomes a childs bedtime story, in that time the hero could have gone from saving a person in a burning village by running in and risking all, to extinguishing the flames with his/her ice cold super breath whilst fighting off 100 soldiers then flying away with rescued princess in hand. These characters more than likely did not fly away with rescue in hand, however they still may have been quite talented, important, unique and so on. The legend can cloud the truth.

Is the bible really about a message or many messages?

If so has that message(s) gone too far, or strayed off course? has religion become something that tries to portray its own existence, rather than the message(s) it originally stood for? The same may be said about all religious books and scriptures.

I do not wish to say that all religion came about such as this, I definitely do not wish to offend anyone, these are simply opinions and theories, nothing more. The world is, has and always will be filled with myths, legends, faiths, wars, cults and so on.. However no matter how many populate a place, how many advise one on how to better live their life, only you! can truly decide what is right for you. Think for yourself, then decide what is right. An idea i believe in.

Well rant over, people will either listen or well il just get hated on, I spoke what I believe, maybe one day people will set aside petty differences, and focus on more pressing matters in life :) cheers!
Maybe this interests you.

Have found the digital face print of Jesus on October 24, 2004.

It is being preserved as a religious "icon" by the Catholics.

When I enlarged it in my picture viewer, I saw immediately

that this is no painting.

Feel free to link to it from your page.


It came about, when King Abgar's royal painter wanted to accompany

Jesus return-message to king Abgar (Edessa, Assyria, now Urfa, Turkey)

by Jesus' portrait, and Jesus took the

canvas from the painter's hand to swipe it across His face.

The accompanying message by Jesus in Aramaic is the only

written thing we have from Him.

Much love & success,

Neither Religion nor Science has the Earth’s true History “ALL KNOWED UP.”
If you want to believe God Created life on Earth, you are going to have to concede he did it over time: Evolution is a fact.
But the whole concept of Earth History, as presently being taught in our schools, is nothing more than an elaborate myth.
And the site listed below, will prove it to any open-minded person.
No fees ask or accepted.
All I am trying to peddle is the truth.
And no! I am not a religious zealot.
See: HTTP://PlanetEarthRevisited.blogspot.com/
For the only true story, of our Earth‘s trek through time, ever written.
I think that creationists and evolutionists are both wrong. Here's why: Evolutionists assume that there is nothing that needs to be taken on faith and Creationists dismiss all scientific evidence of evolution. Both of these approaches are wrong. I have more info on ideapals in the intelligent design of evolution group....
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