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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Episcopal Church on Evolution / Creation

In March 2005 The Committee on Science, Technology and Faith of the Episcopal Church published on-line "A Catechism of Creation: An Episcopal Understanding." It is posted at www.episcopalchurch.org/science and is organized in question-and-answer format.

In 1982, the Episcopal General Convention passed a resolution (a) to “affirm its belief in the glorious ability of God to create in any manner,” (b) “and in this affirmation reject the rigid dogmatism of the ‘Creationist’ movement” and (c)
further affirmed “our support of the scientists, educators, and theologians in the search for truth in this creation that God has given and entrusted to us.”

The Episcopal Church has about 2.4 million members and 7,400 separate congregations in the United States. It derives its orders, doctrine, liturgy, and traditions from the Church of England. George Bush Sr is a member.

UPDATE: Katharine Jefferts Schori was on the Committee on Science, Technology and Faith. June 18, 2006 she was elected head of the Episcopal Church.


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