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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Hans Kung (b.1928)

Swiss priest Hans Kung was in the news last August when he was invited to meet with Pope Benedict. He has long been a critic of Benedict, who as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was the Vatican's orthodoxy chief since 1981. Kung was stripped of the right to teach Catholic theology at the University of Tuebingen in Germany in 1979 after challenging Roman Catholic doctrines such as papal infallibility.

Kung is back in the news having recently published a book in Germany on evolution called "Der Anfang aller Dinge" (The Beginning Of All Things) that tries to reconcile theology with the latest scientific insights.

In a telephone interview with Reuters he said.

"There's no use casting doubt on (scientific) results with some little problems, as the intelligent design people or the creationists do. What's there is there. A theologian should not cast doubt on a scientific consensus, but see how he can deal with it.

"For science, God is not a valid category because God is by definition a reality beyond time and space and therefore does not belong to the world of our scientific experience.

"But there are questions that science cannot answer .... The fundamental question of philosophy, according to Gottfried Leibnitz, is 'why is there anything at all and not simply nothing'? Science can't answer that."

"The fundamental cause is God."

LINK: Blog post Science and Faith presents a view of the evolution / creation debate from a christian scientist.


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